It is the Commitment of Dragon Executive Management Ltd to ensure it abides by any Government legislations on Health and Safety at work within the business itself and when working at any client base.

It is the Responsibility of the Managing Director to:

  • Ensure the implementation of any Safe working practices.
  • Working areas that may be used to conduct meetings are safe to do so and do not present any danger to any clients, employees or Sub contractors of Dragon Executive Management Ltd

It is the commitment of Dragon Executive Management Ltd that Health and Safety is the utmost concern when working with any client, employee or Sub contractor on a day to day basis.

Due to the nature of the business, while supporting senior managers with their daily tasks. We will always put health and safety of them first.

If we “observe” an issue that we feel needs to be addressed, we will communicate this at the earliest possible time. (i.e. Working Practices, Mental Health of Individual, Dangerous Hazards)

Whenever possible this will be done verbally first and then in writing. If a reasonable period of time lapses and no action has been taken, then Dragon Executive Management Ltd reserves the right to escalate the observations either internally or to an external body when appropriate.

Geoff Hancock | Managing Director

The policy review date is April 2021.